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Iran’s constitution emphasizes social justice and obliges government to provide a job for every citizen. This paper proposes that to promote full employment and social justice, the government must implement an employment guarantee policy, especially in the most deprived areas. Elected town and village councils can design and manage the public works with the help of  governmental, as well as nongovernmental, institutions and programs can be financed using less than ten percent of the annual oil-exporting revenue that is deposited in the Oil Stabilization Fund. (.pdf file)


This paper establishes the financial feasibility of an employer of last resort (ELR) program in a small developing country like Tunisia. It argues that an ELR-led economic development policy is vastly superior to the traditional import substitution industrialization (ISI), export-led, and FDI-led development models, all of which Tunisia has adopted without much success in reducing unemployment. (.pdf file)


Created in 1961, Promotion Nationale (PN) is an autonomous public entity in charge of mobilizing an underemployed or unemployed workforce for the implementation of labor intensive projects. The paper argues for the continuation of this program and suggests that it is one of the major programs of social protection in Morocco—the oldest, most important, and best-targeted social program in the country. (.pdf file)