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Working for a Better World: The Social and Economic Benefits of Employment Guarantee Schemes

Mathew Forstater

Full Employment in the Center of Economic and Social Policies

Daniel Kostzer

Employment-Intensive Investment Strategies: Linking Sustainable Infrastructure Development and Social Transfers

Steven Miller

Funding a Job Guarantee Program

Philip Harvey

On the Feasibility of ELR

L. Randall Wray

Hidden Vacancies: From Unpaid Work to Gender-Aware Public Job Creation

Rania Antonopoulos, Marzia Fontana

Simulating an Employment Guarantee Policy in the U.S.

Scott T. Fullwiler

From 'Solidarity' to Full Employment: A Gradualist ELR Plan for Tunisia

Fadhel Kaboub

ELR as an Alternative Development Strategy

Jan Kregel

Employment Guarantee for Promoting Pro-Poor Development Issues and Concerns with Reference to NREGA in India

Indira Hirway

Promotion Nationale: 45 Years of Experience of Public Works in Morocco

Hind Jalal

Public Service Employment as an Institutional Vehicle for Transforming Gender Inequalities: The Case of Argentina

Pavlina R. Tcherneva

Community development and ELR, a gender-oriented perspective: The Jefes y Jefas Program in Argentina

Presentation: Pastoret
Presentation: Tepepa

Corinne Pastoret, Martha Tepepa

The Positive Experience of Bulgaria in Curbing Unemployment

Lydia Santova Shouleva

Public Works Program, Unpaid Care Work and HIV/AIDS

Olagoke Akintola

The Impact of Sri Lanka's ‘Employer of Last Resort’ Policy on Educational Incentives: A Cautionary Tale

Sanjaya DeSilva

The Bangladesh Rural Maintenance Programme: Can it Ensure Employment for All

Mehnaz Rabbani