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Petition to the Obama Administration Regarding Job Creation Initiative (United States)

In view of the global financial and economic crisis, and the Obama administration's commitment to put in place a stimulus package with the aim of creating jobs, members and supporters of our network drafted a petition. The petition urged the administration to ensure that the jobs created were accessible to women, minorities and the poor, and that job creation included social services along side infrastructure development and "green" jobs. Over 400 economists and social scientists signed on. To read more, click here.

Right to Food Campaign (India)

India’s Right to Food campaign is an informal network of organizations and individuals committed to the realizations of the right to food in India. Originally, the campaign began with a writ petition submitted to the Supreme Court in April 2001 by People's Union for Civil Liberties, Rajasthan... [READ MORE]

Zero Unemployment Campaign (Brazil)

Brazil’s National Campaign for Full Employment was born out of the initiative of a group of economists and social scientists in 2000 with the aim to develop and suggest to Brazilian policy makers alternative economic policies to those of the Washington Consensus. The common understanding among members of the Campaign is that the necessary macroeconomic changes... [READ MORE]