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ADATO, MICHELLE; HADDAD, LAWRENCE Targeting Poverty Through Community-Based Public Works Programs: A Cross-Disciplinary Assessment of Recent Experience In South Africa. 2001 Unemployment; Public Works Program English South Africa
AHMED, AKHTER U; ZOHIR, SAJJAD; KUMAR, SHUBH K.; CHOWDHURY, OMAR HAIDER Bangladesh�s Food-For-Work Program and Alternatives To Improve Food Security 1995 Poverty; Unemployment; Food Security English Bangladesh
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ANTONOPOULOS, RANIA; COS-MONTEL, FRANCISCO State, Difference, and Diversity: Toward a Path of Expanded Democracy and Gender Equality 2007 State; Inequality; Difference; Citizenship; Social Exclusion; Gender; Poverty English Latin America
ANTONOPOULOS, RANIA Employment guarantee policies from a gender perspective: The right to a job, the right types of projects 2007 Unemployment; Employer of Last Resort; Employment Guarantee Schemes; Gender; Household Production; South Africa English South Africa
ASSIS, J. CARLOS DE Pleno Emprego�Para acabar com o desemprego no Brasil (Full Employment�For to finish unemployment in Brazil) 2000 Full Employment; Macroeconomics; Political Economy Portuguese Brazil
ASSIS, J. CARLOS DE Trabalho como Direito�Fundamentos para uma pol�tica de promo��o do pleno emprego no Brasil (Work as a Right�Political and Economic Fundamentals for a Full Employment Policy in Brazil) 2002 Full Employment Politics; Basic Social Rights; Political Prerogative Portuguese Brazil
ASSIS, JOS� CARLOS DE Moeda, Soberania e Trabalho�Uma proposta cr�tica de integra��o s�cio-econ�mica da Am�rica do Sul (Money, Sovereignity and Employment�A critical proposition for social economic integration of South America) 2006 Integra��o Econ�mica; Integra��o Monet�ria; Especializa��o Industrial Portuguese Brazil
BASSANINI, ANDREA; RASMUSSEN, JORN HENRIK; SCARPETTA, STEFANO The Economic Effects Of Employment-Conditional Income Support Schemes For The Low-Paid: An Illustration from a CGE Model Applied to Four OECD Countries 1999 Employment-conditional Schemes; Time Allocation; Household Behavior; OECD Countries English OECD
BASU, ARNAB K; CHAU, NANCY H.; KANBUR, RAVI A Theory of Employment Guarantees: Contestability, Credibility, and Distributional Concerns 2006 Employment Guarantees; Employment Targeting; Credibility; Poverty Aversion English Global
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BURRA, NEERA Transparency and Accountability in Employment Programmes: The Case of NREGA in Andhra Pradesh 2008 Employment Guarantee Programmes; India; National Rural Employment Guarantee Act English India
BURRA, NEERA NREGA and its Impact on Child Labour: Field Notes from Dungarpur 2008 Child Labour; National Rural Employment Guarantee Act; India English India
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CHEN, SHAOHUA; RAVALLION, MARTIN Hidden Impact? Ex-Post Evaluation of an Anti-Poverty Program 2003 Intertemporal Consumer Choice; Measurement and Analysis of Poverty; Project Analysis English China
CURTAIN, RICHARD Emergency public employment programs in Indonesia: a public policy perspective 1999 Emergency Job Creation Programs; Program Design English Indonesia
DATT, GAURAV; RAVALLION, MARTIN Income Gains for the Poor from Public Works Employment: Evidence from Two Indian Villages 1994 Rural Public Employment; Time Allocation English India
DEVEREUX, STEPHEN; SOLOMON, COLETTE Employment Creation Programmes: The International Experience 2005 Employment Creation Programmes: The International Experience; Public Employment Initiatives; Rural Employment; Africa; Asia English Global
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DODD, RYAN A. Financial Stability, Social Justice, and Public Employment in the Works of Hyman Minsky 2007 Hyman Minsky; Financial Stability English
EPSTEIN, GERALD; HEINTZ, JAMES Monetary Policy and Financial Sector Reform For Employment Creation and Poverty Reduction In Ghana 2006 Capital; Investment; Macroeconomic Analyses of Economic Development; Monetary Policy English Ghana
EXPANDED PUBLIC WORKS PROGRAM Infrastructure Sector Plan for the Expanded Public Works Programme 2004 Infrastructure Sector Plan for the Expanded Public Works Programme; Public Works Program; Capacity Building; Infrastructure English South Africa
ESQUIVEL, VALERIA; MARIZIO, ROXANA La desigualdad de los ingresos y otras inequidades en Argentina post-Convertibilidad 2005 Welfare; Poverty; Wages; Labour Costs Spanish Argentina
ESQUIVEL, VALERIA WHAT ELSE DO WE HAVE TO COPE WITH? Gender, Paid and Unpaid Work during Argentina's Last Crisis 2006 Gender; Labour Market; Public Policy; Unpaid Work English Argentina
FAWCETT, CAROLINE; HOWDEN, SARAH Gender Issues in Technical Training and Vocational Education Programs 1998 Female Labor Force Participation; Gender Analysis English Latin America
FORSTATER, MATHEW Full Employment and Environmental Sustainability 2001 Public Service Employment; Environmental Sustainability; Functional Finance English Global
FORSTATER, MATHEW Savings-Recycling Public Employment 1999 William Vickrey; Assets-based Approach; Macroeconomic Analysis English Global
FORSTATER, MATHEW Public Employment and Economic Flexibility 1999 Public Employment; Capacity Utilization English United States
FORSTATER, MATHEW Functional Finance and Full Employment: Lessons from Lerner for Today 1999 Abba Lerner; Functional Finance; Full Employment English Global
FORSTATER, MATHEW Selective Use of Discretionary Public Employment and Economic Flexibility 1997 Public Employment; Employment English Global
FULLWILER, SCOTT T. Macroeconomic Stabilization through an Employer of Last Resort 2007 Employer of Last Resort; Macroeconometric Simulation English
GAIHA, RAGHAV Is There A Case For Employment Guarantee Scheme In India? Some Recent Evidence 2004 Participation; Transfer Benefits; Poverty English India
GALASSO, EMANUELA; RAVALLION, MARTIN Decentralized Targeting of an Antipoverty Program 2005 Targeting; Decentralization; Poverty English Bangladesh
GALASSO, EMANUELA; RAVALLION, MARTIN Social Protection In A Crisis: Argentina�s Plan Jefes y Jefas 2003 Government Expenditures and Welfare Programs; Workfare; Unemployment Insurance English Argentina
GALBRAITH, JAMES K. Dangerous Metaphor: The Fiction of the Labor Market: Unemployment, Inflation, and the Job Structure 1997 Labor Market; Job Structure; Distribution of Income English United States
GANESH-KUMAR, A; MISHRA, SRIJIT; PANDA, MANOJ Employment Guarantee for Rural India 2004 Employment Guarantee; Rural Employment English India
GORNICK, JANET C.; JACOBS, JERRY A. Gender, The Welfare State and Public Employment: A Comparative Study of 7 Industrialized Countries 1998 Public Employment; Industrialized Countries English Europe, United States
GRAHAM, CAROL Gender Issues in Poverty Alleviation: Recent Experiences with Demand based Programs in Latin America, Africa and Eastern Europe 1996 Employer of Last Resort; Program Design; Latin America; Africa; Eastern Europe English Global
HADDAD, LAWRENCE; ADATO, MICHELLE How Efficiently Do Public Works Programs Transfer Benefits to The Poor? Evidence from South Africa 2001 Public Works Projects; Antipoverty Intervention English South Africa
HANDEL, MICHAEL J. Is There a Skills Crisis?: Trends in Job Skill Requirements, Technology, and Wage Inequality in the United States 2000 Inequality; Technological Change English United States
HARVEY, PHILIP Benchmarking the Right to Work 2005 Right to Work; Full Employment English Global
HARVEY, PHILIP The Right to Work and Basic Income Guarantees: A Comparative Assessment 2005 Right to Work; Basic Income Guarantee English United States
HIRWAY, INDIRA Enhancing Livelihood Security Through The National Employment Guarantee Act-Toward An Effective Implementation of the Act, 2006 Rural Employment Guarantee; Pro-poor Economy Growth; Employment Guarantee Schemes English India
HIRWAY, INDIRA Providing Employment Guarantee in India: Some Critical Issues 2004 Employment Guarantee Schemes; Maharashtra Employment Guarantee Act; Poverty Reduction English India
HIRWAY, INDIRA Enhancing Livelihood Security through the National Employment Guarantee Act: Toward Effective Implementation of the Act 2006 Employment Guarantee; Rural Employment; Implementation English India
IMAI, KATSUSHI; SCANDIZZO, PASQUALE; GAIHA, RAGHAV Option Values, Switches and Wages - An Analysis of the Employment Guarantee Scheme in India 2003 India; Employment Guarantee English India
JAHAN, SELIM; MCCLEERY; ROBERT Making Infrastrucutre Work for the Poor: Synthesis Report of Four Country Studies �Bangladesh, Senegal, Thailand and Zambia�Executive Summary 2005 Bangladesh; Senegal; Thailand; Zambia English Bangladesh, Senegal, Thailand, Zambia
JALAL, HIND Promotion Nationale : 45 Years of Experience of Public Works in Morocco 2006 Employment; ELR; Morocco; Public Works English Morocco
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